Birding & Blacklighting

 *** UPDATE: We are moving! You are quite welcome to contact us with a "wish list" of target species and/or preferred locations and we will assist you if we are able. However, until further notice, we are no longer in the region.


We do not and will not use playback or any form of audio: it is prohibited in the parks and is not encouraged, especially during drought-stressed conditions. Additionally, we adhere to the ABA Code of Ethics.

Click here to download the birds of the Trans-Pecos checklist pdf directly.
For more downloadable regional checklists for Texas from TPWD/Partners In Flight, click here.
For statewide checklists from TPWD, click here.

Quick links to Marathon Basin & Post Park bird lists:
Year-round residents
Summer residents
Winter residents & spring/fall migrants

Please keep in mind that this region can be confusing - we have a regional chart to help clarify the differences between similar looking and similar sounding birds of other regions. Trust us, it's better to know what to expect before you go than to realize what was overlooked in hindsight!

Click here for some of Marathon's birding locations!


Blacklighting Information:

For moth enthusiasts with blacklights; welcome to Marathon!

We do ask a bit of advance notice and a bit of your time - we're still learning and would love to glean from your knowledge!

Post Park has a great diversity of moths (as well as birds and bats) and a few easily accessible outlets - the local law enforcement does need to be notified prior to blacklighting activities at the park, so please contact the Brewster County Sheriff's Office to clear your blacklighting arrangements (this needs to be done every session!).

Until then, feel free to check out some of our moth posts, via our moth label/tag. We may post photos with ID requests on occasion, let us know if you're interested in helping out!

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