Surveys, Scouting & Guiding

 *** UPDATE: We are moving! You are quite welcome to contact us with a "wish list" of target species and/or preferred locations and we will assist you if we are able. However, until further notice, it is not safe to assume that we are in the region, unfortunately.


We do not and will not use playback or any form of audio: it is prohibited in the parks and is frowned upon, especially during drought-stressed conditions. We adhere to the ABA Code of Ethics.

We can easily cover Balmorhea, the Davis Mountains and Brewster County.  Also, let us know what dates you have available or are planning to visit the region.* Advance notice is greatly appreciated, though we may be available on short notice - please call if that's the case!

Our rates DO include our fuel costs based on round-trip travel from Marathon (we can meet at locations or caravan, but cannot transport guests in our vehicles) as well as travel time and start at $200/day for the region, or $150/day for Marathon only. Half-day rates are available for the Marathon area only.

Guiding outside of West Texas: The Upper Texas Coast, Central Texas, and Lower Rio Grande Valley are certainly options if our schedules allow. 

* Thanksgiving is generally spent in Missouri, but all other holidays are fair game.

Audubon groups, naturalist groups, school groups, etc - if you are planning a trip to Big Bend National Park or the Davis Mountains, we are more than happy to help out! Even if it's not your first trip but you'd still like local reconnaissance, that's what we're here for. We can provide you and your guides or group with up-to-date information and help keep costs low with local talent; instead of airfare, rental vehicles and accommodations, our rates are based on food and fuel for the day(s) spent scouting with minimal time lost en route.

Please contact us for pricing and availability for regional scouting. We offer flexible pricing and can provide complete bird lists as well as tailored information upon request (butterflies, moths, plants, sites of historic interest, food/lodging information, etc).

If you would like us to lead or co-lead, please contact us to determine availability.

Quail Counts, Bird Surveys, Photography & Ecotourism Promotion:
Unless special arrangements are made, our availability is dependent on land located in  Brewster, Terrell, Pecos, Jeff Davis and Presidio Counties. Surveys can be tailored to suit ecotourism or hunting purposes - this will determine frequency and duration of surveys as well as pricing.
* Non-game species surveys (point counts, transects, presence/absence etc.)
* Covey counts
* Game bird population density surveys, territory delineation

If you are interested in assessing private property for ecotourism potential, and/or wish to promote it as a destination for birders or photographers,  drop us a line!

Matthew York: matt (at)
Heidi Trudell: heidi (at)