Monday, October 28, 2013

Chinati Checkerspot

28 October 2013
Marathon, Brewster Co.

Chinati Checkerspot (Chlosyne theona chinatiensis)


Chinati Checkerspot (Chlosyne chinatiensis)

Once considered its own separate species, C. chinatiensis, it is now considered by many, but not all, a subspecies of Theona Checkerspot C. theona.  Thus the subspecies name of Chlosyne theona chinatiensis.

See any difference from below?

Chinati Checkerspot (C. theona chinatiensis)


Theona Checkerspot (C. theona), Big Bend National Park, 2012

For this type comparison, it is unfortunate that today's Chinati Checkerspot was a well-worn adult.  The individual Theona Checkerspot photographed back in 2012 is a fresh adult.

Now, same individuals from above:

Chinati Checkerspot (C. theona chinatiensis)

Theona Checkerspot (C. theona)

Chinati Checkerspot was a new species...uh, subspecies for our backyard. Its larvae like to feed on Leucophyllum.  We call that, generally, Cenizo out here.

We have actually had decent rainfall this calender year and it has been a great year for checkerspots and crescents.

And for this late-October afternoon, this worn Chinati Checkerspot was still hanging on...

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