Sunday, December 22, 2013

'tis the season for... roadkill?

Well, if this hasn't been an interesting month, I don't know what to call it.

7 December: Long-tailed Duck at the ponds... alive, alive is good. Rare winter visitor to WTX.

Same day, road-killed female Bufflehead west of town (no pics - yet, guest sighting by both Steve Collins and Sky Stevens). Regular winter visitor to WTX, if you can find suitable water. Very hard to find bird for Brewster Co.

14 December: Ring-billed Gull, roadkill west of town. Mad props to Andy Bankert who ID'd the creature based on this photo alone:

Guesses included harbor seal, domestic dog, pied deer, horse, thrush, sandpiper, owl, etc.
First 'gull' guess does need to be credited to a fellow from PA who tries to remain anonymous, though!

Lest anyone wonder:

Ring-billed Gull roadkill, 14 December 2013, Brewster Co, TX

Ring-billed Gulls are incredibly hard to find in Brewster Co. and we suspect that the heavy fog and strange weather events have been contributing to their presence - previous records (for us) for the county include the summer of 2012 at Maravillas Creek (one individual) and 7 Dec - a flock of 31 at the ponds. 

21 December: Vehicle-struck female Common Merganser; disposition to be determined.
* Update - check the link above!

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