Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Everytime you hear a bell, ....

per Wikipedia:

"A seraph is a celestial being in both Judaism and Christianity."

... get's its wings."

I came across a very interesting moth on the adobe/stucco wall that faces first street at the Gage Hotel here in Marathon.

It was curious in its overall shape, wing fringe, body segments, and leg structure.

I just couldn't place it in a Family in which my feeble brain was familiar with.

Family Bombycidae

Subfamily Apatelodinae

Olceclostera seraphica

"Seraph" moth

"This species is also known from Big Bend National Park and southern Arizona (Pima and Santa Cruz counties). There is a single flight from mid-July to early August. The life history is unreported." - Powell and Opler, Moths of Western North America. 2009. pg 236.

As you may recall in the above text quoting, this species has only one flight/one brood/one life cycle a season.

Miss it this year, you will have to wait another.

I'm glad it showed itself to us.

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