Thursday, September 15, 2011


It rained! It rained all evening and overnight. Everything is soaked and cooler. Heidi noticed this ... soaked and cooler... Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) on our roof early this overcast morning.

This individual or its species-mates are neighbors on our block; really, in the entirety of the town and likely beyond.

Regal-looking birds; they are certainly king-of-the-jungle in their territories. Impressively large feet and talons, a superbly built apex predator species. This species occurs across the continent, with several regional (clinal) variations.

They also sound wonderful when vocalizing at dawn, dusk, and in the black of night.

Did I mention, "Rain!."


  1. Yay for rain! We've been having fog, which is not quite as much fun.

  2. True on both accounts. Heidi says the clouds(wrapped around) over our mountains saved us a trip to CA.

    I remember the "marine layer" quite well, every morning, in San Diego, Coronado, and San Clemente Island.

    Not quite to NoCal's fog standard, but still disconcerting on the road and freeways.