Saturday, April 13, 2013

Big Bend National Park, Post Park update

What happens when a Floridian birds Big Bend National Park? Reports! Kudos to Alexander Harper for the following report:
Unfortunately these notes are a week to two weeks old, though it's no fault of the reporter -- your bloggers are in the middle of moving!
Prairie Falcon in the park just outside of Study Butte
Golden Eagle east of Panther Junction
Scaled Quail everywhere
Crissal Thrasher near the entrance to RGV campground
Black-throated Gray Wablers
Upper Chisos Mts:
Blue-throated Hummingbirds (2)
Colima Warbler (4-5)
Painted Redstart
Spring is finally settling in to Marathon as well; Summer Tanagers, Ash-throated Flycatchers and Bell's Vireos are in at Post Park, where they'll stick around for the summer, and Wilson's Warblers, Townsend's Warblers and a smattering of other migrants are trickling through.
It should be a wonderful migration!


  1. Those are great sightings from Big Bend NP. I'm happy to hear the Colima Warblers are in the Chisos! It's a shame that the park personnel aren't doing more to call attention to the great birding opportunities in the park.

  2. Here's wishing a "wonderful migration" across town to you and Matt.