Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Flame-colored Tanager continues at Boot Spring and Juniper Trailhead, Chisos Mtns, Big Bend National Park

*copy-and-paste of post on TexBirds list-serv*


Heidi and I hiked up to Boot Spring and the Juniper Trail intersection.  We arrived in the previously described vicinity at 0955.  We gave in 2.5 hrs up there.

HEARD ONLY, for us.  I am curious what stage of nesting this bird may or may not be in..
Its song and accompanying call were heard only twice in that time span.  The bird was well up the trail-side (Pinnacles) slope ~15 meters or so beyond the Juniper Trailhead intersection sign.
We could not give it more time due to family arriving in town.

We were certainly disappointed we did not actually see it, and hope the few birders recently arrived and hiking up got to see it as we were leaving had better visual luck.

Other expected species were seen,  We arrived to see a male Blue-throated Hummingbird gnat-catching.  Cordilleran Flycatcher(s) were seen and heard.  Several Hutton's Vireo were busy foraging.  Got fine looks and listens to Hepatic Tanager.  A male Black-headed Grosbeak sang constantly.

Heading up we heard Colima Warblers.  Early in our descent we saw a COLW, food carry a spider's egg sack.

During our time, we also missed Painted Redstart and Dusky-capped Flycatcher.

We plan on returning, particularly if this bird nests with the previously described Western Tanager female.

Only tanager species we had was Hepatic, and plenty of it.


  1. " Saw him twice today, both times in the company of the female WETA. These were brief glimpses, he seems to be moving much more than when I saw him two weeks ago. Will post a note when I get home in two days."
    -reports Romey Swanson, 29 May 2013

    1. Fantastic, wonder what time and how long they had to wait?