Monday, May 27, 2013

unexpected turn of events

Photos courtesy of Bad River Expeditions and Predator Control, taken by Andy Allen.
Northeast Terrell County, Pecos River Basin, 24 May 2013
The photos are presented as a collection to emphasize the unexpected ability
of prey to overcome a predator, and to present a very uncommon scenario
that is neither unnatural nor sad; it simply is.
We thank Andy and Bad River Expeditions for bringing these photos to our attention
and graciously allowing us to share the series on our blog. 
Text and views expressed are ours.

© Andy Allen 
Masticophis taeniatus, the Striped Whipsnake. ID courtesy of Sky Stevens.
© Andy Allen
This Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) was apparently the aggressor, at least initially.
© Andy Allen
It should be noted that whipsnakes are not venomous.
Please allow all snakes ample room to live and go about their business:
they are a very important and beneficial part of the ecosystems in which they live.
Aside from snakes eating other snakes, they also control
rodent populations far more effectively than non-native predators.

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