Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dexterity challenges

Please start the Mergus saga here: Mergus in waiting, round 1

*** the weird angled sides on the vids are driving me up the wall, haven't figured out how to make those go away, apologies!

When Mergus first arrived, we had little hope. As her range of motion increased, however, the progress was undeniable. She was able to scratch her beak with her left foot fairly early on, but it took a bit longer for the left foot to be used.

Initially, when placed in her box after a float, she was unable to stand. Mustering the strength to not only stand, but to PREEN (feather maintenance is critical, after all), it was a little snapshot of near normalcy in a situation that was anything but normal.

Range of motion for Merg's head: vastly improving. Instead of tucking slightly left and drooping, well, see for yourself:

Bonus video from the preening session: still too dark to see much detail on anything but the beak, which still looks pretty bad, in terms of alignment. Click here to watch the video.

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