Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The New Sibley Guide

I cleaned out the truck and found what was left (kidding, sort of) of Matt's old Western Sibley:

Formerly inside cover of Western Sibley... R.I.P. (no pun intended!)
Admittedly, the new mini-Sibleys aren't out yet, but at least Matt has the new 'big' Sibley. Good timing on the release, though I won't see it until probably June! That, and I'm waiting for the second printing, just for kicks.

* you know a field guide is handy, like the mini-Sibleys and everything in the Kaufman series, when you have to duct-tape the spine repeatedly and the covers get shredded... as a librarian, it pains me, but those books are imparting some serious knowledge!


  1. Such is the transience of life, and the sine of a life well lived. A pristine book is a book never opened, a book wasted : )

  2. All three of our copies are shredded into at least five pieces. Granted they are old and well-used, but I hope the second edition has improved binding.

    1. Also an important point. Sibley's is great but the binding was really awful.