Friday, January 21, 2011

Agapema anona, Stage 3

Pics taken back on 20 November 2010:

Mexican Agapema moth pupae photos

It's somewhat difficult to tell in these pictures but the agapema's pupae are actually in a cocoon within a cocoon. Perhaps more precisely, the cocoon is inside a lattice-work, net-like mesh outer wall. Very interesting and unique.

Agapema anona use plants in the Condalia genus as hostplants for their caterpillars. The condalia species prevalent in the Marathon Basin and other areas in the Chihuahuan Desert is Condalia ericoides or Javelina Bush.

The pictures of this particular Mexican agapema moth cocoon were on the east side of the Marathon Motel, between the two-story white building and the RV Exit road.

We all look forward to having another strong flight-season here on the property and the Marathon Basin. Flights of all lepidoptera.

The Mexican Agapema moth (Agapema anona) most certainly included.


Mexican Agapema, Marathon Motel, Marathon

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