Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back in "fire" mode...

As of this morning, I heard from a Davis Mts Resort resident that the DMR was under mandatory evacuation orders, though I've not found it on any sites... but this news of evacuating the Balmorhea area from Marfa NPR's feed:
New fire behind Fort Davis Motor Inn. Seperately, Reeves County officials ask residents who live on the outskirts of Balmorhea, to come into town. Officials are evacuating area around Balmorhea Lake. Residents can get further information at a command center at City Hall.


Edit - 6:42 pm from Texas Mountain Trails:

Via McDonald Observatory Due to wildfire in the area and very high winds, McDonald Observatory is closed for tonight's Star Party, and closed tomorrow, April 27, through at least noon. Also, due to wildfires in the area, Highway 118 NW of the Observatory between the Observatory and Kent (I-10) might be closed or reduced to one lane over the next few days.

Edit - 9:00 pm from Marfa NPR, bad news since these fires have been spreading mostly north and east:
Fire on Shurley Ranch about 26 miles south of Marfa.

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