Sunday, April 10, 2011

Harris's Hawk in Marathon

Lately we've had a lot of raptors moving through the area - American Kestrel and Cooper's Hawk at Post Park, a Zone-tailed Hawk in the middle of town, and as of this evening, a young Harris's Hawk. Our affectionately dubbed 'front slab' has been our default spot for yard listing, but now that it's a porch it's a bit harder to bird from...

This afternoon we had a Scott's Oriole checking our hummigbird feeders for drippings; it's also a new yard bird for us. Enough rambling, here are our newest yard additions from the Double Bacon!

Harris's Hawk digi-binned from Top Street on a relocation adventure (white belly streaks are barely visible, but the lovely white rump and rusty shoulders are enough to keep us happy). Scott's Oriole photo taken by Matt, through a screen, sadly.

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