Monday, May 21, 2012

Pygarctia appreciation

A little follow-up to Night of the Lepidoptera...

It was a pleasant surprise to have Pygarctia species at the lights for a second night in a row.

Look at that abdomen. Just look at it. Silver and white, lined in red.
The red-head and dorsal side of the abdomen generally diagnosis this individual as P. roseicapitis.

P. flavidorsalis has an orange abdomen and an orange head.
Our previous encounter was limited; only a white moth with orange face was documented.

This time, a bit of motion affirmed an identification. And check out their range map!

It seems that Matt photographed a fresh male during this session with the worn female.

She looks a bit worse for the wear. But what a lovely (if blurry) face!

Oh, and Pygarctia neomexicana? It finally sat still!
And here's a link to why this is such an interesting critter for North America....

Edit: all images in this post were taken 19 May 2012. Previous posts were from 18 May session.

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