Sunday, August 5, 2012

First witch of the year

Thoroughly dessicated, with legs falling off all over the place... the first Black Witch of the year surfaced today from a shed at the Gage, probably a week old. There should have been a quarter in here for scale; the witch isn't quite hand-sized this position because its wings are partially folded, but hopefully that's a good indication of just how impressive a Black Witch can be.

Perhaps we need a Lepidoptery guide (butterflies and moths); we can call it 50 shades of neutral. The pale cream and buff colors to the deep, rich browns are quite well represented.

They're certainly more fun when alive, but never so cooperative - these are ventral views - top left is Tawny Emperor, on its back, top right is Question Mark, wings only (it would be on its back if it still had one). Bottom is male Black Witch.

Some bright colors when seen from the top; a female Black Witch would have bold white scalloping on the wings. The Question Mark had not yet fallen apart, so it is actually doubled over in the shot.

And as tradition requires:

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