Thursday, August 30, 2012

the usual suspects

Good news!

Archives from July, August, and September of 2010 are fully operable (if you find any broken links or images or anything, please let us know!) and the content is pretty exciting, too - we now have  praying mantis breakfast documentation, 100% more vinegaroon video clips, an astronomical increase in Apolomado Falcon posts and videos... and that just scratches the surface. Speaking of scratchy, there's even video of a pronghorn antelope with an itch.

 Otherwise, Marathon still has Cassin's Sparrows singing to the north of town, staging swallows: good numbers of Barn Swallows (a dozen or so on our block) and better numbers of Cave Swallows (thirty? forty?) grouping up prior to migration. Upland Sandpipers haven't been heard much lately, so they've probably passed through. Cassin's and Western Kingbirds have been absent for at least a full week as well. A few nighthawks (Lesser as well as Common) are still around, and a few young/female Painted Buntings are, too. Biggest push of migrants has been in the hummingbird department - with over a dozen birds fighting between two feeders it has been hard to keep track of how many Black-chins and Broad-tails are there. Only a few Rufous/Allen's and no Ruby-throats (that have slowed down enough, anyway!) but there's still plenty of time for them to show up. It's just lack of observer time at this point!

Two-tailed Swallowtails and Common Mestras are also still flying, and we've had a bit of rain to keep the puddling Sleepy Oranges happy. New moth for the yard showed up about a week ago - Amorpha juglandis - the Walnut Sphinx Moth!  They are dainty little things compared to our giant Poplar Sphinxes, but quite eye-catching!

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