Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's ok to be a casual birder

Here's a great snippet of Kenn Kaufman's take on casual birding, via Chron.com.

It's quite true that a casual interest is a good companion to life - especially if the casual interest is in birds/birding/the natural world. It's when things get a bit more focused, intense, and unforgiving that it requires a shift of perspective and a support group. Unfortunately, the support group occasionally turns into carpooling options and actual support... but it could be worse. I digress.

Casual birders, rock on!


  1. It's true. Beyond casual such things as competition, rivalry, stress, and anxiety all enter into the equation. And yet, sometimes there's too much of a pull to stay causal, even with all the baggage of serious birding.

    It's kinda like renting an apartment but then having to, eventually, buy a housel

  2. I had a lovely reply that got eaten. Basically, life either provides time for birding or not - and sometimes I fall into the lull of NO birding because either 1) I'm lazy, or 2) I don't think the time allotted will let me keep up the high standard of 'busy' birding... and so I don't bother at all. Casual birding would be a happy medium, at least. But once you've set the bar of birding at a certain level, it seems 'incomplete' to try casual birding. Hrm.