Friday, April 25, 2014

Belated Fort Davis

Backdating the post by almost a month for accuracy, but some images from the Fort Davis National Historic Site that are still seasonally relevant:

Sunset over the ruins.

View from Sleeping Lion Mountain, overlooking Fort Davis.
Mule deer, peeking over the top of the mountain.
No scat, no pellets, just a field tech midden.
The Fort, Sleeping Lion Mountain to the left.

Rumor has it that 18 PAIRS of Rock Wrens inhabit the ruins of the Fort. I can vouch for those numbers being quite realistic! They were certainly the most ubiquitous sound in the lower elevations on the property, and cooperated for several groups of birders that I bumped into as I was leaving. The mountains on the right had some heard-only Montezuma Quail (by my coworker) and trail maps available from the Visitors Center should help folks get closer. Rufous-crowned and Black-chinned Sparrow were at the higher elevations and Lark Sparrows were nearly as common as Rock Wrens down low. Excellent birding in the back canyon, a bit too windy for the flats by mid morning though.

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