Monday, April 14, 2014

Solar Camp Lighting

Spring means that camping hacks are circulating around the internet again - and the ones that perplex me the most are the ones that involve lighting.

I am not going to link them here - the Mountain Dew mixed with random stuff that supposedly glows, the headlamp strapped to a jug of water (pointing into the water), the tiki torches... Props to the headlamp guy, but my batteries died and the new batteries were from a tiny store in the boonies that apparently sells dead batteries. 

Marathon has a lot of power outages. And blacklighting requires power for black lights, but also for ambient light if not everyone has headlamps. Combine the need for unplugged ambient light and Marathon often being dark....

Yard solar stake, minus the stake, flipped upside down.
Alternate, still stable position that can charge during the day.
Solar yard lights. Oh yes. I removed the stakes from most of mine, because they sit nicely on their panels, but leaving the stake on can give you plenty of angling options, too. Sit it on your dash/picnic table/cooler/whatever and let it get sun during the day - flip it over and use at night. I have gotten 6 hrs of light from one, but prefer to have two in case backup is needed (and you can be sneaky and stagger them so that they are both turned on but one is in the glow of the other, so will automatically turn itself on when the first goes out).

....and very handy when the power goes out, regardless of whether or not you're camping!

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  1. (Said in Australian voice of the guy from Jurassic Park) Clever girl...