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Tufted Flycatcher discussion

This post is a summary of previous posts and their pithy wisdom - mostly from other people! Most info was from Texbirds posts and/or personal e-mails.

Dec. 11 -
Saw that bird this AM, Dec 11, in the overflow campsite at the next field from the adobe building. It put on a great display for over an hour when I left. [...]
Peter B. Riesz, MD

Eric Stager, Mat Colbert and I along with 5-7 other birders had the Tufted Flycatchter near Daniels Ranch in Rio Grande Village this morning from about 9:30-11:00. The bird seemed to be making a circuit in the area and was also observed perched and flycatching on the mexican side of the river then back into Texas.
Jeff Patterson Austin

Dec. 9 - (from TUFL summary)
By now it's most likely that folks chasing the bird are alone or in pairs and unable to report the bird as fast as larger groups have been able to. The key is just getting a positive or negative answer. Eventually. If this bird sticks around as long as the 1991 bird, there's still plenty of time. Most people who would drop everything to see the bird, already have.

To the best of our collective knowledge, no individual or group has missed the bird if they at least tried the day after they missed it. Pretty good record so far!

Dec. 8 - From Texbirds:
Arrived at Rio Grande Village at 8:55, found Tufted Flycatcher at 9:07 in the usual spot .2 miles east of Daniel's Ranch. I parked at the adobe house and walked down to the old overflow camping area where I first heard and then saw him. Observed and photographed him until about 11:45 when I left. I left several times and had no trouble refinding him both by sound and by his distinctive flight pattern when I returned.

I was the only person looking all morning, so if you're considering chasing this bird, don't worry if you don't see sightings every day. He appeared very happy with the bugs he was catching and didn't appear to have any ideas of leaving anytime soon.

Ron Baltzegar Greenville TX

Dec. 7 - From Mark Flippo:
Jim Hines saw the tufted yesterday at Daniels ranch around 10:30 AM

Dec. 6 - From Texbirds:
"The Big Bend NP Tufted Flycatcher continues in the Daniel's Ranch area. Jack Windsor, Larry & Carol Carpenter and at least one other observer had it this morning (6 December) at around 8.30am at one of it's "usual" locations - the open area on the south side of the road perhaps 200 meters prior to reaching the adobe house at the terminal end of the road to Daniel's Ranch. "
- Eric Carpenter, Austin

"The Tufted Flycatcher was down towarl the Daniel Ranch at 9:25 until I left at 10 this morning. About 0.1 mile from end of rd on south side and very active."
- Lynn Barber, Ft. Worth.

Dec. 5 - From Texbirds:
Just received a call that Gail Morris, Jerri Kerr, & Ann Hover, plus 2 others saw the Flycatcher this morning at 8:40 between campsites 56 & 57. When they left at noon, the bird had not been reported again.
Terry Ferguson Sabine Pass, TX

Dec. 4 - Susan Heath of GCBO:
"The Tufted Flycatcher was not seen this morning despite about 20 sets of eyes looking for it."

...if it was as windy down there as it was in Marathon, the bird is lucky to keep a grip on its perch! Our first attempt was a flop as well, but hopefully if folks keep looking throughout the day there will be some better news.

The Tufted Flycatcher was seen in the usual Daniel's Ranch locations both Friday (3rd) and Saturday (4th).

Ranger Mark Flippo's Friday morning bird walk group got to see it. Bird walks do not happen every Friday, e.g. there is not one this coming Friday, the 10th of Dec.

Today, Saturday, a visitor reported at the Panther Junction Visitor Center around noon, that they had seen it this morning down at RGV.

You can report the bird at any of our visitor centers, but the ones that make the most sense are the RGV center and the Panther Junction center, since they are on the route to see the flycatcher.

Happy Birding!

Jan Allen

Really wish there was a bit more information about who the observer was and what time they snuck past 20 other people!

EDIT 2: YES - noon - Tripp Davenport
Tufted Flycatcher 11:55 AM Dec. 4 on east side of Rio Grande Village Big Bend National Park, location in cottonwood grove beside the Gambusia Pond along the service road on the east side of Rio Grande Village. Pics posted to my page

EDIT 3: YES - 3 pm new location - from Cameron Carver
After hours of searching and one report from the gambousia pond at noon, steve Collins and I found the bird at rio grande village campground behind campsite 87 at 3:08. I believe that everyone who was here was chased down and got to see the bird. The tufted flycatcher was still being seen at 3:50.

Dec. 3 - From Mark Flippo at BBNP; same location as previous sightings:

Just got back from RGV: found the flycatcher at the old overflow area
(down the road to Daniels, before the picnic area proper), south side of
the road in the cottonwoods near the west end of the field. I and another
8 folks on the morning walk watched it for about 1 5 minutes (1015-1030).

Dec. 2 - Edited post from Texbirds:
Greg Bretz and Ted Robinson from Florida and Ron Howard from Arkansas saw the Tufted Flycatcher December 2, from about 8:45am to 9:15am. Ron took photos.

Directions: From the adobe house heading back towards the direction of the general the 25 MPH sign... the bird was seen feeding in the cottonwoods off to the right. The bird was very active and obvious among the lowest limbs of the cottonwoods and was flycatching almost constantly.

I know how much updated info means to us when planning a trip for a super bird!

Thanks and Happy Birding!

Dawn Bretz Altamonte Springs, Fl

Dec. 1 - YES
"We drove home yesterday (Wednesday) after checking in with the bird. Sure enough, it was stilldelighting folks at 11:30AM."

That's Wednesday....., yesterday......, 1 December 2010.

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