Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It's in the fields. It's in the meadows. It's in the mountains. It's in the basins.

Its in our lives.
Not all. Parts.

Yesterday morning I noticed something differently aglow in the after-dew of early morning. Perched in a pinyon. Later in a tamarix.

Attempting what all have come to be in this part of the Earth; dried off and warmed up.

Butterflies have been very, very scarce with this drought. An early-season flight of a few species and then nothing. As common as rain drops in this fire-happy area.
This a butterfly. A real beauty. One of the larger, perhaps largest of the western butterflies.

Two-tailed Swallowtail (Papilio multicaudata)

There are moments in our lives when some … thing(?)… attempts to cross our minds with certain reminders.
Its up to us to be observers. The less-observant will likely miss it. They often do. A few always.
What, then, are we told? Well there are many things, observer.

“Hang on. Shi…Stuff happens. It’s going to be alright. Work on remembering this.”

Again, we need not name this Orator. Its all around us, observer. Names are unnecessary, human things. Names start wars, observer. Unnecessary.

Those who work so hard to name It, and that only, miss everything. Unnecessarily.

“Hang on.

Stuff happens.

It's going to be alright.

Work on remembering this.

You are not alone, observer." - Butterfly

For a moment that morning, in spite of all that's around me, I ask no one and everything,
"What drought?"

photos by Heidi Trudell


  1. I'm impressed... and frustrated with myself. Had I seen that butterfly I would probably have barely glanced at it and called it a Tiger Swallowtail. When will I ever learn to pay attention! Great photo of a most beautiful butterfly. Thanks.

  2. Carolyn, don't feel bad! I did the same thing repeatedly until I finally said it aloud and Matt corrected me; not that I claim to have married him for butterfly ID or anything... (it's the running joke that I married him for butterfly ID, since I was too lazy to look things up myself!)