Saturday, May 21, 2011

Other updates

The Iron Mountain Fire seems to be an old memory; Marathon and Fort Davis and Alpine (and Marfa and Sanderson, for that matter) are all back in business with no road closures, no smoke and a burn ban that will cost you $500 if you don't have a permit for your welding, grilling, campfire, etc. Don't Even Think About It.

As for the Yellow-breasted Chat a few posts down:

"I am sorry to report that he did not make it. Very few cat caught birds ever do. I think it has to do with all the stress they go through, and they keep on fighting and their adrenalin stays up. Finally, at night they just give up. If they make it 48 hours, they usually survive. It is the first night that gets them. You cannot imagine how sick and tired I get of cat kills. ... I have seen hundreds, if not thousands over the past 23+ years." (from the wildlife rehabber)

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