Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Among the Masses, there are the Unique...

..., the infrequently encountered . We discover this in photography, poetry, ecosystems, and most certainly in persons among people.

We also find it in moths.

One mustn't be necessarily alert:

Nor melancholy or morose:

Just observant:

If you are among the innately-so, well it's nice having peers. Even if not, observance is something we can all work on, improve upon, or even

Heidi and I came across a unique, and new to us, moth a couple of nights ago.
Brilliant in color?! No.
Brilliant in size?! No.
Shape?! Shhhh.. no.

In its existence.

Opsigalea blanchardi - Opsigalea Moth

The Opsigalea Moth is apparently a rare, or rarely encountered, member of the order.

Worldwide there are only 3 Opsigalea species.

North of Mexico there is only One.

Its range is only in the southwestern United States; from Arizona to West TX.


"This species has been collected only in western Texas"

The map and the quote above are from

This species was named in honor of Andre Blanchard (1896 - 1986). He, a moth researcher and enthusiast from Houston, TX.
Likely unique among the masses.

And still flying after all these years.

Immortality enough.

More of us should look around.
Or perhaps those of us whom are predisposed to, should remember to do so more often.

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  1. do you have more information about this??? i´m student of Gto, México and not research information ... :( do you can help me please?