Sunday, June 5, 2011

Freezer catch-up

Someday this blog will have bugs again, maybe even some live birds. Until then, here's a look at recent events in our freezer* (our freezer being something of a West Texas stopover for dead birds on their way to the collection of Texas A&M, according to our permits).

This is actually a rather exciting post in terms of critters in different collections; the Wilson's Warbler is now in the custody of Big Bend National Park! We're quite happy to have figured out the steps required to get dead birds within the park to the right person.

From the top:
Bell's Vireo - COD unknown (suspiciously thin but suspiciously near a road)
Say's Phoebe - COD suspected to be emaciation
Say's Phoebe - huge bill for tiny head!
Lark Sparrow - COD suspected to be emaciation, found dead in a pond
Wilson's Warbler - COD either window ricochet or emaciation (the former would have been impressive)
Common Nighthawk - sorry it's blurry, COD = vehicle (compare this grayscale bird to Matt's earlier post for Lesser's buffy-scale plumage)

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