Saturday, July 30, 2011

beyond the poo-moths

The July/August blacklighting was hazardous for guests during the summer entomology course - and unfortunately for them, a variety of visitors to the Double Bacon ended up at SRSU's collection. This post is backdated to reflect these late-July critters.

...including the lovely, slightly decapitated-looking Datana spp. - a familiar and distinctive large-moth.

Of several adult antlions (Myrmeleons) to show up at the light, this one had the most fantastic eyes I'd ever seen (on an antlion, anyway). Unfortunately I didn't snag comparison photos of the <b>huge</b> ones that showed up, but their wings were fuzzy, a bit smoky looking from a distance and longer than my palm!

This windscorpion (Eremobates)was more fortunate than the critters above. Enough of its kin have been found already dead, so it was able to scurry off into the night without fear for its fuzzy little running-like-its-pants-are-on-fire life.

Some whose photos didn't turn out too well in the 'wild' ...well, here's a Tachinid fly of some sort, no longer at the blacklight. The microscope's light was a challenge to work with, so we'll just call this art.

Also no longer at the blacklight? This beast:

Yep. A Mantispidae - the mantisfly. Like a lacewing x mantis. Fantastic!
Edit: possibly Dicromantispa sayi.

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