Monday, March 11, 2013

Updated: Planning a 2013 trip? Important information!

Edit: We are thoroughly booked through mid-June! Summer/fall schedule is subject to change, but we will not be adding any full-day guiding to the schedule until further notice.

Howdy, readers!

We have good news and better news and some general requests:
Good news - we're guiding, but you already knew that.
Better news - we're simultaneously trying to shuffle a new job, purchase a house and juggle about a dozen barrels of monkeys who are opening cans of worms. Please bear with us.

If you would like to contact us about guiding availability, PLEASE email us at or with the word "guiding" or "birding" somewhere in the subject line. Please reserve calling for last-minute and/or urgent requests. If we don't get back to your email within two days, the spam folder may be to blame (alternately, you may try h.trudell at or mwayork at as well).

Please also let us know if your schedule is firm or flexible; we may have more options mid-week than on weekends, but if we know far enough in advance, may be able to accommodate your schedule. If we're unavailable or booked at any given time, contact us anyway - if anyone cancels or we have last minute schedule changes, we'd be happy to accommodate you!

We're teaming up with Cameron Carver for the spring to help as many folks as possible; alternately, folks wishing to be guided in Big Bend National Park are encouraged to contact Mark Flippo of . We have similar pricing guidelines though we do not currently guide within the park - we do offer discounts for guiding within 15 miles of Marathon to avoid the fuel surcharges. Hotspots within 15 miles of Marathon include the Prairie Dog Town, Gage Gardens, Post Road/Post Park and other local gems, so it provides an economical option for folks wishing to brush up on regional birds before making the target runs to BBNP!

As of right now here's our Spring-Summer 2013 schedule, subject to change:

March - fully booked for Cameron, Heidi and Matt

April -fully booked for Cameron and Matt
Heidi -  limited availabillity for local morning trips mid-week only (booked 4th, 23rd-25th)

May - fully booked for Cameron and Matt
May 13-15 is the Christmas Mountains Research Symposium!
Heidi - limited availability for local morning trips mid-week during the second half of the month

June - fully booked for Cameron and Matt
Heidi -  limited availability for local morning trips mid-week during the first half of the month

July - open

August - booked for the first two weeks

Thanks so much for trusting us with your wish lists, target birds, and general introductions to the region - it's been a great pleasure to help plan trips and assist with local information. We're looking forward to a birdy spring!

Happy trails,
-Heidi & Matt

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