Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dignified moths

EDIT: We are thrilled to announce that this individual moth is now among the moths featured in Seabrooke Leckie & David Beadle's PETERSON FIELD GUIDE TO MOTHS OF SOUTHEASTERN NORTH AMERICA!

Ectypia bivittata is a deceptively subtle moth. Crisp, clean lines. Crisp, clean moth.

Black and white and a hint of peach.

A nice example of bold, fine, spotted, streaky, plain, lepidoptera.

Bugguide notes that Ectypia bivittata tends to fly mostly April to September. This individual arrived between the evening of March 8th and the morning of March 9th. A wee bit early.

The Moth Photographer's Group at least shows us well within expected range:

via Moth Photographers Group

This individual was, as most moths tend to be at 7 am, a bit sluggish. The moth-ers were, too.

For scale, our hand model is fairly dainty, as is our moth model.
Matt's earlier post alluded to splashy colors.
At least we can see some eye and a splash of color in the leg fuzz. As for the rest of it, well....

A bit less than dignified, this angle.  After this photo the harassment ceased and the moth was returned to the relative safety of vegetation beneath the wall where it had been resting prior to the  rude interruption.

Never a dull moment with blacklighting!

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