Thursday, July 8, 2010

One More Face

Originally posted by Matt on Seetrail; backdated here.

Not a member of the genus Falco.

Ornate Box Turtle (Terrapene ornata)

Heidi and I came across this guy on the property we work on. It seems if there is a turtle species that follows the two of us around, it's this guy. We love meeting this organism each time we are granted the opportunity.

There are a few of them around with all the rain. It was actually nice to find this one on private property rather than the side of the highway, hoping to cross.

It was mentally refreshing to see this terrestrial turtle. To be reminded of good things.
There are many turtle species that live on this land mass, not on the waters surrounding it.
Then there are the unfortunate souls, equal (in the least) to ours, that are in the Gulf of Mexico.
They are very closely related to fellow beings I worked with, lived among, and maneuvered around while on Tern Island of the French Frigate Shoals atoll. LINK.
I've yet to re-shape the particular and unique anger, so heart-hurting, that this BP event has formed in my core. It is only related to it and nothing else. I will continue to work on it. Presently, its shape remains the same.

Alright... back to life. Back to these young falcons Heidi and I are privileged to associate with. Good times. Good work. Good things.

That which is beyond Self.

Good evening.

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