Monday, November 29, 2010

Rarities in the sidebar

A thought that had been in the works has been scooted into motion: our blog sidebar now has a 'regional rarity' feature (if you're reading this via RSS feed, you'll have to click over to the blog).

This was prompted by the first second Texas record for Tufted Flycatcher since the initial documentation in 1991. For up-to-date reports on the critter, NARBA is detailing reports and many folks are posting their sightings on Texbirds as well.

Until next time:

NARBA's link to Matt VanWallene's photos - kudos to him for immediately reporting a bird not in his field guide! He spotted it on Nov. 21, and it was confirmed by the 23rd.

Carolyn Ohl's post and photo

...we missed the flycatcher on Sunday afternoon and will be trying again on Tuesday morning. Fantastic things show up in your own back yard, you just have to be out of state for it to happen, no? =)



  1. Luckily you weren't out of state when the Groove-billed Ani showed up or no one would know it had been here. I expect to read any minute now that you got to see the TUFL today.

  2. Hold your breath a little longer, the video is uploading ;-)

  3. What a brilliant bird for watching. That splendid Mexican vagrant was a blast!

    Thanks, Carolyn, for your documentations earlier in the days of this sighting. Great descriptions and early directions.

    What an aves!!

  4. I'm ready to see this bird again!

    Thanks Matt, for initially discovering the bird and disseminating information.
    Great job by folks in the early days of locking this down for the enjoyment of others. Keep the info and updates coming; including park staff.
    Thanks Jan!

    I hope it stays for 2 months like the '91 bird.