Monday, November 8, 2010

Winter Blues?

Hang on. It's not the solstice yet. The first day of winter in 2010 is 21 December.

Western Pygmy-Blue (Brephidium exile)

North America's smallest butterfly. Not a huge deal to seasoned lepidopterists, but we just haven't had a real strong flight of adult pygmy-blues this year, if I recall correctly, here in the Marathon Basin. That is until now.

They seem to be everywhere on the grounds of Marathon Motel, and also around our humble little casita.

About time.

No bigger than my pinky-finger nail, they lay their eggs on hostplants such as thistle, saltbushes (Atriplex sp) of which we have in and/or near the basin, frogfruit (Phyla sp) which does exist in and around Marathon, and others.

These little jewels are among the more numerous butterfly species flitting about at the time of this typing.

"Size matters not." - Yoda

We have the same ally, as well.


  1. I saw you at the meeting!

    Luminous beings are we..., not this crude matter.

    I do enjoy these committee meetings.

    Anyways, Reakirt's have all but disappeared (wasn't sure that was possible). Gray Hairsteaks...its been awhile. But suddenly, an explosion of Western Pygmy-Blues.

    Oh, and finally found an on-sight (Marathon Motel property) Javelina Bush (Condalia ericoides), host plant of our Mexican Agapema moths... I saw eggs...not sure what spp they belong to.