Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday night with Cowhead Arches

(Entry is backdated to reflect the date of observation!)

Not all creatures were named with elegant tact, sadly.
Cowhead Arches is one of them.
Drasteria pallescens is at least a bit more dignified, no?

Certainly, for a moth to be abundant enough to warrant a common name, you'd think that there would be a more 'normal' label for it. But in spite of its relative popularity (it has a common name!) there's still relatively little known about it. The bugguide link will tell you that its host plant is unknown. Not too surprising, as it *is* a moth... there's so much still to learn about the inhabitants of our continent.

Other visitors to the blacklight, at least those graced with common names, were White-lined Sphinx (Hyles lineata), featured on the blog previously and Southern Emerald (Synchlora frondaria), new to our blog. A little tattered around the edges, but a lovely guest regardless!

Oh, there were people as well... a talented young moth spotter, age 3, (just right of center, seated) and a few locals and a few out-of-towners and much fun was had by all. Quite a good turnout for humans and moths alike!

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