Monday, March 7, 2011

Wildlife Weekends - Marathon

Our inaugural 'Friday Night Blacklights' was visited by a few motel guests and a nice variety of small (and micro) early-season moths.

Our setup was trial #1 and will definitely change in the future; for a cool night, however, and only about two hours of darkness, we did pretty well. The Marathon Motel & RV Park has a great courtyard for setting up blacklights, so we anticipate good diversity once things warm up and we perfect the sheet angling!

The Sunday morning breakfast & bird walk (3 participants) ended up being in the reverse order; a very chilly and breezy morning kept things fairly quiet but the walk's highlight was Grasshopper Sparrow. It's a new park bird for us, and a somewhat uncommon winter visitor. Of the 21 species recorded in our hour and a half, noticeably absent was Black Phoebe, though the adult male Vermillion Flycatcher's return was a reasonably consolation. Thankfully breakfast is served until 11 at the Marathon Coffee Shop so we had plenty of warm food and coffee while reviewing the list.

We hope you'll join us next week for our second adventure with Friday Night Blacklights (meet at dusk at the Marathon Motel courtyard) and our Sunday bird walk at Post Park (meet at the park at 8:15).

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