Sunday, April 15, 2012

Swainson's Warbler!

Until further notice - it was seen intermittently from 2:05-5:30 pm and observed by Carolyn Ohl along with the two of us. Only 700+ photos to sort through now!

**EDIT:  This bird was at the Gage Gardens in Marathon, TX and was not relocated the following day(s)

And for folks who are unfamiliar with West Texas warblers, here's why this is exciting:


EDIT: More photos! With kicking and scratching and digging, too!

And Carolyn has also blogged it over at with some commentary about its foraging - it really did jitter on the mulch when it wasn't scratching or thrashing. Only vocalizations were "seep" type calls in flight, and flight/seep was observed perhaps thrice. Snack items seem to be dark pellet-shaped morsels that we're guessing are moth pupa. Here's a link to an entry from last September that has a clear shot of a geometer pupa.

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