Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jan 4th flycatcher audio

Audio via Kelly Bryan, youtube version via Tony Gallucci:

Click here for original audio clips from Jan. 2

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Analysis of second recording, via Chris Benesh:

Hi All,

At Tony Gallucci's request, here is a spectrogram of Kelly Bryan's recent recordings of the Big Bend Myiarchus flycatcher. To my ear, these calls sound much like those of Nutting's that I hear in Mexico, though finding a close match in recordings was more challenging than I anticipated. That said, there are a couple of examples in a cut of mine from Sonora, Mexico, and a few similar ones from Nathan Pieplow's recording from Sinaloa, Mexico that can be heard on the Xeno Canto website XC3982. The modulation of the Big Bend bird is slightly slower than the two comparative examples, but each individual bird gives such a variable spectrum of calls it's not too surprising that it's not an exact match. I'm convinced the Big Bend bird is a Nutting's based on the photos and vocal evidence. I would not be surprised if some more strident "wheep" calls are heard at some point.

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