Monday, January 2, 2012

Probable Nutting's Flycatcher

Here's some craptacular audio - we were competing with a generator and a kid learning to whistle. Taken at the trail head parking lot at Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park - observed from about noon until 1 pm with only 3 separate vocalizations heard during that time. Pics to follow. The video clips below are for audio purposes only!

Part 1: faint, two call notes (of 3 - we missed the first note of each vocalization) in the first few seconds. Clearer than the next batch....

Part 2: VERY faint, a few light notes in the first few seconds. Crank up the volume!

*EDIT* Some just received TX-Birds back story from the party that found this bird. Click Here.

Sorry to fling out a hasty post, will flesh it out when possible. Audio taken with point-and-shoot options, thus you can't even find the bird in the videos!

*EDIT* A link to the archive of Matt's post to TX-Birds list-serv. This was posted when we arrived home that same day. Click Here.

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