Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day Three - Evening

Saturday, July 21st - Evening at Gage Gardens

The evening blacklighting was well attended by people and bugs alike. It was a new experience for many of the folks in attendance, including Ingrid, from Midland. She wasn't always sure where to look, though.

Ingrid's enthusiasm aside, this was a great opportunity to share the great diversity of nocturnal insect life - everything from Ashy Gray Lady Beetles to green lacewings were in attendance!

Here's a slideshow of the gems that turned up at the lights; it was a fairly quiet night, too!

Cameron Carver, President of the Llano Estacado Audubon Society even modeled Manduca quinquemaculata, the Five-spotted Hawkmoth. They eat plants of the nightshade family, but out here it's  silverleaf nightshade, not your tomatoes.

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