Sunday, July 8, 2012

So long, Sundays

There was a lovely post composed here - it was eaten when Firefox crashed. There were bits of reminiscing interspersed with notes from today; the highlight being ~30 young Scaled Quail, which is ~30 more squail than we had last year. Are squail babies squabies?

Anyway, the main point was to notify readers that Sunday Post Park bird walks have been, as of today, indefinitely suspended. Something about working for a living, and being scheduled to work weekends. This is good news, really. And there's still hope for midweek birding, since Matt's schedule changes regularly, so feel free to drop a line regardless - we just won't have a designated day/time for it.

As always, we're blacklighting on a semi-regular basis and staying up too late in the process. But Clouded Crimson, Schinia gaurae is completely worth it!

Massive pink and white moth - except, as seen in the photo below, it's actually a fairly small moth. Perhaps a third of the size of the saltwater taffy that it mimics. Not sure how palatable it would be; gaura is a pretty plant in the yard, smells nice enough, but seems less than appetizing overall.

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