Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gage's Birds & Butterflies of the Big Bend - Event Highlights

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Alpine Avalanche story from June.

Edit: Houston Chronicle/San Antonio Express story

What folks are saying... snippets of the event, via Facebook
Check out the bird list and butterfly list - each encompasses the full weekend.


Thursday, July 19 - Sneek peek at Swarovski's new scope at the Gage Gardens, Meet & Greet

Friday, July 20 - morning - Hummingbird banding with Kelly Bryan

Friday, July 20 - afternoon - Vendor session, Gage Gardens Butterfly Walk, Kathy Adams Clark Photography Workshop, dinner

Saturday, July 21 - morning - Maravillas Ranch tour; birds, butterflies, javelina and dung beetles

Saturday, July 21 - afternoon - Kaufman lecture, banquet dinner

Saturday, July 21 - evening - Blacklighting for moths

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