Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day Three - Morning

Saturday, 21 July - Maravillas Ranch

These photos don't do justice for the "flatlanders" (the group preferring stable ground over mountain-goat terrain), but it's a start - folks are welcome to send additional photos!

Let's start with a katydid sporting looong antennae -  Dichopetala castanea, Chestnut Short-wing Katydid if and I are on the same page.

Closer view of the bright greens and pinks.

Patt photographed a Javelina that followed us back down the trail:

A common sight throughout the day - dung beetles! These were not as fortunate as those that found lovely, pre-rolled deer pellets, but they seemed quite happy nonetheless.

After lunch - for the people, not the beetles - the last group of stragglers finally left the ranch with a stop to look at a Zone-tailed Hawk nest; two adults in attendance and one HUGE nestling that should fledge soon. If anyone from the early van managed to get photos of an adult bringing in a bunny - this would be a great time to send them in!

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