Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Hummingbird Summary (part 2)

Via Kelly Bryan, whose project can be followed at
Part 1 of his winter hummingbird report can be found here:

We completed our second round of banding sessions in the lower Big Bend area these past two days. This is an unprecedented January for hummingbirds in the region. If Anna's Hummingbirds continue to be present in these numbers there will surely be a few nesting records to be had in the next couple of months. Texas has only three, one from Jeff Davis County and two from El Paso County. Their California cousins are already on nests where birds are resident year-round. We do not know exactly what portion of the west coast Anna's population is migratory, but it is likely the northern portion.

Totals for the month of January: 5 species and 60 birds including 45 new birds and 15 returns/recaps.

- Black-chin - 1 new bird on 1/17 (SY M)
- Anna's - 44 birds including 37 new birds and 7 returns/recaps (2 from last year and 5 from Nov/Dec)
- Costa's - 1 new bird on 1/14 (AHY F, last seen on 1/19)
- Rufous - 11 birds including 4 new birds and 7 returns/recaps (all from Nov/Dec)
- Allen's - 3 birds including 2 new birds (1/14 and 1/28 from Lajitas) and 1 return/recap (originally banded 12/8 near Willow Mtn)

Kelly B Bryan
Fort Davis, Texas

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