Friday, January 18, 2013

West Texas Hummingbirds

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Edit: the 2012 banding report is now up!


I finished my second round of banding efforts in the Terlingua Ranch area today. For anyone headed to the Big Bend area, this is a remarkable winter for hummingbird abundance and diversity. A lot of folks are telling us there are hummingbirds at locations were no feeders are hanging. Anyone birding the area should expect to encounter some, especially along the river. Obviously, the most likely species is Anna's. I have five sampling sites in the area just west and northwest of Big Bend National Park that I band at on a regular rotational basis. Today I finished those sites. The totals for the week are:

- Black-chinned Hummingbird - 1 SY Male today (first January record for the region)

- Anna's Hummingbird - 19 new birds banded and 6 returns/recaps (4 from Nov and Dec, 1 from Dec 2011, 1 from Nov 2011)

- Costa's Hummingbird - 1 AHY (adult) Female on Monday as reported previously (there will be folks checking on it tomorrow)

- Rufous Hummingbird - 3 new birds banded and 7 returns/recaps (all from Nov and Dec)

- Allen's Hummingbird - 1 new bird banded in Lajitas on Monday and 1 return/recap today (banded in Dec)

Total = 39 birds, 25 new birds banded and 14 returns/recaps


Kelly B Bryan

Fort Davis, Texas

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