Monday, October 18, 2010


October has been a fantastic month for moths in Brewster County. Without actually trying, we've seen a good number of our nocturnal neighbors - these are the highlights so far!

October 12
Ailanthus webworm moth (Atteva aurea) [official identification pending]

(photo by Heidi Trudell)

Found clambering around a wood pile at the Marathon Motel, the Ailanthus webworm moth is a little orange moth with blue patches and white dots... very ornate for such a tiny creature! I wish the macro had been more cooperative, but this photo at least keeps true colors; the lighting was tricky.

October 8-11
Mexican Agapema (Agapema anona)

(photo by Matt York)

At least three individuals have been found at the Marathon Motel, and all of the live ones have been male (note the fuzzy antennae; all the better to smell pheromones). For a demure, gray-scale moth, the bright pink dashes at each wing tip are quite the accent!

October 2
Vine Sphinx (Eumorpha vitis)

(photo by Matt York)

This deceased individual (found at the Marathon Motel) was only our second collective encounter with the Vine Sphinx. The bold markings are distinct enough that once you've seen it, you definitely remember it.

September 29 (shh, it's close enough to October!)
Istar Sphinx (Lintneria istar)

(photo by Matt York)

This fellow was on the side of Alpine's DPS building - but it's still in Brewster County!


  1. Great site and great photos. I look forward to checking this site regularly. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Carolyn!

    We look forward to getting down to the Christmas Mtns again and visiting your property. Such a great spot you have!

    See you around in the county.

    PS, send an Anna's Hummingbird up here. :-)

  3. I've seen two Vine Sphinx moths around my apartment complex in north Austin - never knew what they were called. Great photos. :)

  4. is our friend ;-) Glad to see you over here, thanks for visiting!

  5. Some nice leps you're seeing lately!

  6. Indeed! Alas, all of the millipedes have vanished and herps have been few and far between. We'll save a spot on the porch for you when you get out here =)